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A TRIO of Angel Cats!

Latest three are going into production and will be available soon! Keep an eye out.    

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Halloween Treats!

Due to woefully neglecting to write new Halloween stuff, these two oldies but goodies are pulling holiday duty.  “Goliath” is FREE.  “All Kinds of Ghosts”, when it came out, was #1 at Amazon. https://bluetrixbooks.com/jess-barry/my-titles/goliath/ https://bluetrixbooks.com/…/additi…/all-kinds-of-ghosts/

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An Early Halloween Treat


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Free Fiction

Links now collected on one page to make them easier to find!  From spine-tingling to comically creepy to supernatural suspense. Below is the page where the links will live, and all the links themselves as well. Free Fiction  Check out … Continue reading

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Free Fiction for Halloween: Goliath

eBook and print version coming soon.  Special preview, an unproofed ARC.  Goliath

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Free Fiction! Tales of Mimion

Check out two of my Mimion stories–for free at Smashwords. Mimion: a wilderness planet. Four spectacularly different races share it, including fur-covered, arctic-dwelling hominids; gargantuan whale-like fish; sentient birds with twelve-foot wingspans; and humans. Humans with seven senses instead of … Continue reading

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A Piratical Challenge for the Keen-eyed and Sharp-witted.

Win a free eBook! Mateys!  Peruse these lovely covers featuring six very different pirates.  In each piece of artwork, find the animal representing that pirate’s personality.  (This animal appears on the cover–not necessarily in the story itself.) Click on each cover for the … Continue reading

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