Tales of Mimion


Mimion:  a wilderness planet.

Four spectacularly different races share it: fur-covered, arctic-dwelling hominids; gargantuan whale-sized fish; sentient birds with twelve-foot wingspans; and humans.

Humans with seven senses instead of five, whose queendoms’ governments rely on those with the strongest telepathic and telekinetic abilities.  Political (and sometimes military) turmoil runs amok as monarchs forever scheme and maneuver to consolidate their power and influence.

From the world’s stone age to its space age and beyond, the stories span history and recount the lives of the most powerful Empress down to the most menial serf, from scientists to swordswomen to scholars.

Aquadia            Azencer            De’Ona              Eltaine          Riversland                      Ilyn

Lefgree             Lorarzet            Milay                 Okrax            Purple Hills                  Gloden

Himmel            Swirland           Teeren               Tuagi            Founding Mimion           Zix

Relfys                Sorealle            Tymycer            Vingat           Dark Forest                    Xivaari 

Auf Deutsch:  Im Offenen Anblick Verstecken

And for an anthology of several tales from throughout Mimion’s history:  Across the Ages

Xivaari Front        Purple Hills Front        Okrax Front

Eltaine Front        De'Ona Front       Dark Forest Front

Azencer        Aquadia Front        Zix Front

Ilyn Front      Riversland Front     Across the Ages Front

Founding Mimion Front         Teeren Front      Lefgree Front

Offenen Anblick        Gloden Front        Tuagi Front

HImmel Front       Lorarzet Front         Milay Front

Relfys Front      Sorealle Front       Vingat Front

Tymycer Front       Swirland Front        Korelle

Feivan      Yodan Front       Fiorel

wellenzitisch        Jimp       Neekoo

Chanzir        Bergcrest Front       Unt

loft-2        Queuen       


6 Responses to Tales of Mimion

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  2. Paul says:

    Awesome collection of writings by this author. I am impressed and while it will be my first reading of this author and possibly this genre I am looking forward to it Beautiful covers.

    • Thank you so much! Very kind of you to say.

      • localpeon says:

        Which book would you suggest I start with?

      • Tough question! But a great one to get, thanks!

        Short answer:
        Start with Vingat for a lighter, fun action adventure.
        Start with Tymycer if your taste runs more to sweeping epics.
        If you prefer short stories, Across the Ages includes all of them in chronological order of Mimian history. (The print version.)

        Longer answer:
        Plotwise, the novels and short stories are all standalone, but some characters appear in more than one, and there are some references that will have added (but not essential) meaning if a person has read preceding tales.

        For that reason, I suggest reading The Dark Forest before Riversland, and Riversland before Sorealle. Aquadia comes before Vingat.

        For anyone who likes gothic romance mixed in with their science fiction/fantasy, that would be Relfys.

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