Lady Pirates

Dashing dames, pirates all, from ancient Amazons to spacefaring scalawags.
Action, romance, and adventure abound.

Meet them all:

Theolonia – fiery and fierce captain of a crew of ancient Amazons

Masumi – cool and commanding leader of a pirate fleet, the only law in a vast area

Liz – loyal and protective first officer on a riverboat that terrorizes the local authorities

Scheherazade – brilliant and cunning captain who stalks the spice trade routes between Arabia and India

Abigail – clever and quick crewmate on a clipper ship captained by her mother

Adaeze – combative and disciplined former soldier who stole a nuclear submarine to prowl the high seas

Nikki – sly and sweet, the newest and youngest crewmember aboard her uncle’s infamous interstellar ship


Volume One


Each one available in print or as an eBook. Or, get them all in one volume!




Theolonia Front    Front     Elizabeth FrontFront Rescue    Adaeze Front     Nikki Front

Scheherazade             ScheherezadeColor2TitleSmall

Each one will be available in print or as an eBook. Or, get them all in one volume!

Ahoy Front

An omnibus including Avast! and Ahoy! is also available:

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  1. Kat Hardy is the artist responsible for these lovely covers!

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