This is a supershort story. Some call it drabble. One hundred words precisely, set on the world of Mimion. I’m including the story in its entirety below. But I’m also including the link to the site’s home page where it was originally published, and the link to the story itself.

Daily Science Fiction is a wonderful site with great stories well worth checking out.

Here’s where they have mine online.  But full text is below as well.

For those Kindle fans who would like this story plus all the stories from that month in one neat eBook, you can buy the anthology here.



Sisters, they sat across the table from each other.  Sendell, younger, meticulous, wise and quietly implacable. Danzor, instinctive, impetuous and charismatic.  Lost concentration meant death, the victor winning the queendom of Azencer—and the man.

Their hands on the square table top, they watched a knife hover in mid air equidistant between them. Inseparable from childhood, they’d long since become bitter enemies.
Their telekinesis focused on the gleaming blade, each woman trying to thrust it into the other.  Neither had suggested a non-lethal contest. Neither would have accepted.

The knife quivered, spun and plunged into Danzor’s chest.  Sendell sighed, relieved.


And for those who like the supershort stories, it’s also available in this volume:

Zoom! A collection of flash fiction.

Barnes & Noble
Xin Xii

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