Rigel Ailur

A wide variety of science fiction and fantasy, or sometimes a mixture of both in one.

Visit Mimion, the medieval world where telepathic ability determines social standing–and where the strongest telepaths are women. Swordswomen mix with space women on a planet that eschews technology, yet welcomes visitors from offworld.

Meet the Patel family.  They pass their magical legacy–and the name ‘Amina’–down through the generations.

Nikki Oval     Paw Front     Marie Oval

Front     Ahoy Front     Elizabeth Front

Slide7 Front  Avast!  Slide6 Front

Ambition and Avarice       Sapphire Guardians       Cursed Good Luck

An Ancient Key               Azure Dragon

Xivaari Front        Purple Hills Front        Okrax Front

Eltaine Front        De'Ona Front       Dark Forest Front

Bergcrest Front       Aquadia Front        Zix Front

Ilyn Front      Riversland Front      Across the Ages Front

Founding Mimion Front       Gloden Front         Lefgree Front

Offenen Anblick       Teeren Front         Tuagi Front

HImmel Front       Lorarzet Front         Milay Front

Relfys Front      Sorealle Front       Vingat Front

Yodan Front        Tymycer Front       Swirland Front

Feivan      Korelle       Fiorel

        Jimp       Neekoo

Chanzir        Bergcrest Front       Unt



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