Rigel Ailur

I write a wide variety of of science fiction and fantasy, sometimes leaning more toward one and sometimes the other. Sometimes a mixture of both in one.

Visit Mimion, the medieval world where telepathic ability determines social standing–and where the strongest telepaths are women. Swordswomen mix with space women on a plant that eschews technology, yet welcomes visitors from offworld.

Meet the Patel family.  They pass their magical legacy–and the name ‘Amina’–down through the generations.

And I’m still psyched by the fact that I am a Star Trek author.

Marie OvalNikki OvalPaw FrontAhoy FrontElizabeth FrontFrontSlide7 FrontSlide6 FrontAvast!Ambition and AvariceSapphire GuardiansCursed Good LuckAn Ancient KeyIlyn 2 FrontAzure Dragon

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