Book FOUR Coming in October!

The magical adventures continue!  In the meantime, catch up on the previous tales of fantastical action and adventure!

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Finally! The Final. Plus a teaser

The final cover, plus the entire artwork, which shows the cover for book 2.

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Interstellar Exiles Book One: Escapes

Still not final, but now with the lettering. Coming at the end of the month:

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Cover Artwork

Thanks to the amazing Kat Hardy for this cover for a novel (first in a series) due in August.

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Suspense-Filled Jovian Adventures!

Space Battles, Scientific Ingenuity, and Politics–the Trung family is embroiled in all of them as they strive to save lives and stave off one interplanetary crisis after another.

For Bad Ass Moms, the eBook and print edition links are here and here.

Girls Who Tech and Tinker will be out later in the month.




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Coming in July! Book FOUR in the Series!

With the Blue Pendant appearing on the heels of the Amulet of the Four, Kele and Hana aren’t surprised when the other three Pendants show up as well.  Will the Pendants’ Keepers be friends or foes?  Because with powerful, malevolent miscreants joining forces, the twins anticipate needing all the help they can get.

Harbingers Upload

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Magical Space Pirates — The Infinite Bard’s 31st on the 13th of May

The Infinite Bard flies into its second  year with this suspenseful tale of magic and mayhem when piratical con artists target an interstellar space liner.  Read Nikki’s adventure here, then jump on over to the tavern to check out all the rest of the wild, wonderful variety of tales.


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Spectacular, Spellbinding Free Short Stories

With so many people staying safe at home, plenty are looking to discover exciting new tales to take them away on whirlwind adventures, immerse them in confounding mysteries, or delight them with romance or humor.  Featuring magic and mayhem galore, these dozen stories include ghosts (real and imagined), a woman searching for her brother in the Brazilian Amazon, a Halloween party that that goes gloriously amuck, enigmatic aliens, treasure, and–of course!–cats.

Diamond of the Sky

Hide and Seek

Ninja Angel

Purple Hills

All Kinds of Ghosts


Sapphire Guardians

Cursed Good Luck

An Ancient Key



Family Pride

Im Offenen Anblick Verstecken

For even more variety from a plethora of amazing other authors, visit:

The Infinite Bard

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Dragons on their own World, and a Dragon on Earth



The survival of a species rests on the shoulders of a youngster who must convince not just her own clan, but all the clans, to unite in the fight to save them before they end up Forever Gone.


Alex refuses to reveal the secret of the Azure Dragon.  Instead, she hides.  She hides from her family for over thirty thousand years.  She hides from an overly ambitious reporter determined to discover her life history.  She hides from the man who loves her.  Can she let go of the past without losing herself?



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Thrilling News on Exciting Upcoming Titles!

Debuts galore at Shore Leave 2020 this July!

Azure Avians and Laura Ware will present the fourth book in the Sorcery & Steel Series.

Kris Katzen’s stories will appear in two anthologies, Bad Ass Moms and Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls Who Tech and Tinker.

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