The Magical Legacy of an Extraordinary Family

Note: These tales were originally part of The Chain Story and hence retain the introductions linking them to the preceding (unrelated) story and to the milieu where the storytellers are relating the accounts.

Ever since a magical encounter in ancient India, the name “Amina Patel” is passed down in the same family through the generations. Two of these stories take place in nineteenth century Brazil; the third, in the twenty-first century United States. Encounter ghosts, cursed talismans, and an international criminal organization of evil.

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A Scientific Dynasty and Founders of the Jovian Colonies

Brilliance runs in the Trung family. Among the preeminent scientists of the last two hundred years, their breakthroughs in quantum physics and engineering enabled humans to travel throughout the solar system without any medical ill effects, and to shorten trip lengths from decades or centuries to days or weeks instead.

Featured in two short stories, teenaged Kasey Trung defends her home (a tiny outpost orbiting the gargantuan planet) against murderous raiders, then fights to save the main colony and its millions of inhabitants from a cyberattack on the central computer.

Leah Trung, Kasey’s grandmother, takes the lead in another short story and fights to prevent an interplanetary war and an outbreak of a lethal system-wide pandemic.

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Cats Rule

(With apologies to all the dogs, and to the furry, feathered, finned, scaly—etc.—others who are also great.)

Presenting The Angel Cat Collection to kick off the series’ write-ups. These short stories showcase eleven fantastic felines in all their glory. Some live on a spaceship millenia in the future, others consort with medieval pirates. They mess with wizards, and insert themselves into battles against evil fae. One sails the oceans on an 800-foot yacht, another resides in the White House.

A tiny but ferocious calico defends her turf from an obnoxious interloper.

The beautiful long-haired tortie guards the hacienda, fiercely and magically protecting all those inside.

A gray-brown tabby makes mischief for his mom when he drinks the potion the wizard promised to deliver to the princess.

An intrepid tuxedo kitty proves to be the best smoke detector.

A black and gold two-tailed cat must decide whom to trust, not just for her sake, but for her newborn kittens’.

Outsiders think sisters Akira and Zuiko run the dojo, but all the karatekas who study there know that black cat Ninja truly keeps things running smoothly.

A yellow tabby gives her sitters a heart attack when she disappears on the huge yacht where she lives with her trillionaire mom.

The gray and white feline pirate tolerates no invaders and springs into action to drive off the soldiers who dare to break in to her home.

The silver tabby makes herself at home regardless of where, including in the Oval Office.

The gray kitty soars between galaxies on the gargantuan starship, but at the moment can tell something is bothering her human.

A fearless winged tortie dives in to help fight off an attack by some dark fae.

Print and eBooks available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords.

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Spectacular Sundry Series

A series of posts–on series!

Starting in July, each post will feature a write-up on one of the plethora of super series available. Some established, others nascent, they include science fiction, fantasy, action, and suspense. Magical, mysterious, or military, the series run the gamut of diversity in genre and time period. These wide-ranging series offer something for everybody to enjoy.

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A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Spellbinding, Thrilling Novels

Don’t miss bunches of novels in almost every genre!

Love Romance? Check out Masquerade, which showcases a love triangle with a murderous twist set against the backdrop of a Broadway show.

Hockey fan? Shoot and score with Breakaway, about the first woman to play in the NHL–and not as a goalie.

Contemporary action/adventure/thrillers blow you away? Meet Nosizwe Samanya, the world’s first Trillionaire who must fight to stay alive and defend her international business empire. Or travel the U.S. with two fugitive Vagabond Samaritans in their double-decker luxury RV who avoid drawing any attention to themselves as they try to help others.

Fantasize about magical realms? Visit the theocradom of Rosenev in the Sorcery and Steel series and meet Paladin Kele and Mage Hana, twins who work together to figure out why powerful talismans are suddenly appearing—and wreaking havoc throughout the land.

Science Fiction send your spirit soaring among the stars? Find out why Alex is hiding on Earth in Azure Dragon. Voyage on Exploration as the ship the size of a small planet sails the cosmos, and its crew searches for saboteurs on board. Discover the millennia-spanning Tales of Mimion, from the earliest tribes of the nascent culture, to vast empires and queendoms, to the growing cooperation among the countries that leads to conquering the frontier of outer space. Or check out the time-travel tale Founding Mimion that spans all the eras. Get caught up in the spine-tingling Escapes of a group of mismatched Interstellar Exiles who are torn between helping each other—and killing each other. In Curai’Nal, see how a brand-new captain strives to gain the trust of her crew while figuring out who’s attacking a colony far from their homeworld and why.

Historicals capture your attention? The Last Abbot of Linn Duachaill tries to pit the Irish against the Norsemen; however these Norse sailors aren’t Vikings but traders. Will Captain Mariel and her crew succeed, thus saving the family estate back home?

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Two New Short Stories—COMING IN AUGUST!

Dragons! Fae!

Two new stories of fantastical fiascos will debut soon.

In “Rainbow of Ruin” the Clansmembers normally respect the solitude of those who prefer to live apart. That changes when they abandon their isolation and inexplicably begin to attack the Clans’ nurseries. With eggs and hatchlings at risk, Sierra must discover what caused the sudden hostility and how to stop it.

The result is “Ill Met by Moonlight” when a human runs afoul of the fae. Despite all their magical power, the fae realize that mundane humans far outnumber them—and therefore pose a threat. The fae remain out of sight, preferring to operate in the shadows and move often. Sometimes, though, they skate perilously close to revealing themselves. In such cases, Elora and Maeve often find themselves forced to work together.

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Wonderous, Fantastical, Spectacular Covers!

Peruse all the lovely pictures!

Cover Gallery

Titles on the Bluetrix Books site are organized by author and by series, with each page including the cover with its gorgeous, glorious artwork or photography. The cover gallery collects them all into one easily browsable location. The gallery is organized roughly by genre (with each series’ covers kept together), and roughly chronologically (with new series at the top). Covers at the bottom of the page show other publishers’ books that include contributions by Bluetrix Books’ authors.

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Charity Anthology by the IAMTW

One month from today, the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers will release this spectacular anthology to benefit worldwide literacy.  It’s full of awesome stories by fantastic bestselling authors who’ve written about some of their all-time favorite characters.

Enjoy brand-new adventures of such diverse personages as Sherlock Holmes, Mina Harker, Sinbad, and Mulan—to name just a few!  Come along and share in all the fun, including an exciting tale by Rigel Ailur.




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January’s Project: A Magical Fantasy with the World at Stake

In Serulean Quest, the tribe has sundered into six.  Some of the branches lost contact; others waged war against each other.  Now a critical victory from the distant past, previously lost to the shadows of time, is about to come undone.  The six tribes must find the source of the impending disaster and figure out a way to prevent it.

Revisit the world of The Lure of Cats in this spellbinding adventure.

Coming Soon!

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