Dragons on their own World, and a Dragon on Earth



The survival of a species rests on the shoulders of a youngster who must convince not just her own clan, but all the clans, to unite in the fight to save them before they end up Forever Gone.


Alex refuses to reveal the secret of the Azure Dragon.  Instead, she hides.  She hides from her family for over thirty thousand years.  She hides from an overly ambitious reporter determined to discover her life history.  She hides from the man who loves her.  Can she let go of the past without losing herself?



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Thrilling News on Exciting Upcoming Titles!

Debuts galore at Shore Leave 2020 this July!

Azure Avians and Laura Ware will present the fourth book in the Sorcery & Steel Series.

Kris Katzen’s stories will appear in two anthologies, Bad Ass Moms and Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls Who Tech and Tinker.

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Explore the Cosmos with the Earth Military Force and a Slew of Crews!

Soar through outer space with these short stories and anthologies, all listed on Kris Katzen’s page along with their covers.  Several crews make more than one appearance.

           Cropped  Invisibility           The Letter of the Law

           A Time-Honored Tradition           A Dog's Life

           Too Early Seen Unknown           Racing the Wave

           Self-Determination           Weights and Measures

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Enigmatic Aliens Threaten a Critical Supply Shipment!

A swift but small scout ship, a freighter full of vital supplies including medicine, and a mysterious race that only communicates by attacking.  Hide and Seek is the newest fantastic story in The Infinite Bard’s library of FREE fiction.

Then . . . keep reading!  To discover what happens after Hide and Seek, check out the novel Curai’Nal.  And then for incredible variety from international authors, browse the rest of The Infinite Bard’s thrilling titles.

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The Infinite Bard Goes to Mimion!

Every two weeks, The Infinite Bard features a brand new story.  Today it hosts a Tale of Mimion where an unlikely band of allies unites to save the entire planet!  Visit The Infinite Bard for all the other stories, and also go along on the spectacular adventure which begins in the Purple Hills and ends up in the most desolate arctic.

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Far, FAR Out!

Explore the universe–yes, not just the Milky Way, but beyond–courtesy of all kinds of starships.  Tiny scout ships, swift diplomatic vessels, mighty warships, specialized science vessels, and world-sized Core Ships–all home to diverse crews tasked with exploration, investigation, protection, or negotiation.

Check out the dozens of short stories (available singly, or in one huge anthology), or the two novels.


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From the Deepest Past to the Distant Future . . .

A tiny tribe fights to survive in the stone age.

Powerful empresses vie to extend their influence over the world.

A nomadic Xivaari exchanges exploring the planet for exploring the galaxy.

A reclusive noblewoman chases her renegade cousin across ten thousand years of history.

Founding Mimion Front      Zix Front

Riversland Front    Ilyn Front

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Vagabonds on the run

What do you do when law enforcement and the mob are chasing you?

Vanish as completely as possible, of course.  Something that a couple hundred million dollars make a lot easier, especially when the money comes with a double-decker RV with an exterior like a dumpster and an interior like Versailles.

Tiffany and Thomas love the nomadic life–luckily, because when they aren’t finding trouble, it invariably finds them.

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Sorcery & Steel

The third book in the series continues the exciting magical adventures.

   Amulet War Front   Twins FinalCover1_Name-Title_XtraBckgrd

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Exciting Stuff in the Queue

Lots of fun stuff in the pipeline.

Azure Avians’ newest novel and the anthology with Kris Katzen’s story will be out in time for Shore Leave.


And a team of superheroes with some startling characteristics.



  Giant & Gnat Logo Final.jpg


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