The Latest Angel Cat

Yes, yet another about to go in the production pipeline! Tenth in the series of eleven.

Nyra Oval

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A TRIO of Angel Cats!

Latest three are going into production and will be available soon! Keep an eye out.

Rigel Oval   

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Updated New Covers, Now Three Out of Three (one still preliminary)


Also from other publishers, this time ATB Publishing.

Rigel Ailur has essays in Outside In Makes It So, and in the upcoming Outside In Takes a Stab, and Outside In Finds a Soul.

Fun and funny, offbeat and off the wall.  Check them out and enjoy these unique takes on each and every episode (and movie) of these fantastic classic shows.

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More Angel Cats

Introducing the next two in the series, coming soon:


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Halloween Treats!

Due to woefully neglecting to write new Halloween stuff, these two oldies but goodies are pulling holiday duty.  “Goliath” is FREE.  “All Kinds of Ghosts”, when it came out, was #1 at Amazon.…/additi…/all-kinds-of-ghosts/

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:-) TWENTY-FIVE! (-:


Yes, twenty-five: ten novels and novellas, and fifteen short stories.  Twenty-five fantastic Tales of Mimion that start during stone-age civilization thousands of years in the past and continue into the space age with interstellar exploration thousands of years in the future.  Discover Mimion, a wilderness planet ruled by those with the strongest telepathy.

Powerful empresses.  Intrigue.  Lethal swordswomen.  Action.  Clever thieves.  Adventure.  Noble queens.  Mystery.  Courageous rebels.  Suspense.  Brilliant generals.  War.  Charismatic artists.  Romance.  Renowned scientists.  Exploration.  Esteemed scholars. 


Science Fiction

 Tales of Mimion



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Now in Print! All of the Tales of Mimion

With the publication of Relfys and Vingat, all the Tales of Mimion stories (short stories, novellas, and novels) are finally in print!  More to come in the future, but the backlog is hereby eliminated.  Check them out and enjoy.



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