Kris Katzen

If you like outer space stories, here’s your place! Once in a while I’ll venture into some grittier fantasy (usually urban), but for the most part I jump from ship to ship with their various crews.

Meet Danalan, doing battle with the mysterious Curai’Nal and striving to save millions of lives.

And Sera, on board a planet-sized Core Ship transporting an entire biosphere to another galaxy.


A new captain must win over her crew.

Space LPoH

The vanguard of a golden new age.












Nyra Oval     Paw Front     Kris Oval

Slide10 Front     Nikki Front

Ahoy Front     Avast!

A Dog's Life     A Time-Honored Tradition     Soaring Starships

Weights and Measures     Self Determination     Interstellar Tales of Adventure

The Letter of the Law     Cropped  Invisibility     Exploring the Wild Black Yonder

Too Early Seen Unknown     Racing the Wave     Weird and Wondrous Worlds

Crystal of Souls     By Any Other Name     A Wrinkle in TimeHide and Seek     Hunter and Prey     StarburstA Time of Joy and Sorrow     test Element of Surprise     Sailing the Cosmos

I Don't Step on Ants     Shanghaied     Treasure

Quarry    Next in Line     Line of Duty

Rescue Mission

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