Here’s a very short piece of flash fiction.  With some lovely artwork to go along with it!


Rrrrrrrowwl.  Deeper Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrwl.

Something is wrong.  Something is very wrong.  Everything feels…off.  Bad.

Bad, bad, bad, bad!

Books tumble down from shelves.  Cushions and pillows sail off of chairs and the couch.  The table and chairs skid from the eating area.  I dash away to avoid them.

The room keeps shaking and shuddering.  Sometimes it pitches violently.  I hear wailing, horrible ear-splitting shrieks.

The door to the outside world is closed.  And I still smell smoke.

The shelves and table are bare.  Their contents scatter everywhere.  Some of the furniture is upended.  Vases shatter.

There is a final gargantuan lurch.  I leap just in time to avoid a flying sofa and dash into a cabinet which has come open.  The door slams shut, closing me in blackness.

It is a small closet that was empty, and now holds nothing but me.  I feel a tiny bit safer away from all the flying stuff, but still I let out a howl of protest.  Another sudden motion slams me against the inside of the cabinet…

I awaken too scared to even yowl.  I hunch in the cabinet, trying to make myself even smaller.  It is still dark.  Now it is very still, which is calming.  But I’m still shaking.  What happened?  What was all that?  Is it over?  Where is my family?  He should be here with me!  Taking care of me!

I hear noises outside my hiding place.  At first I crouch back even further.  Then I hiss and arch my back.  All my fur stands on edge.  My tail is rigid, my ears straight back.  But the noises hold my attention.  Then I hear a voice, a voice I know!  A friend of my daddy’s.   I yowl as loudly as I can.

After a moment, and several big crashes, the cabinet door is opened.  Blinding light rushes in, and I am gently lifted by the woman with beautiful copper red fur, curly and hanging long down her back.

Meowing and purring, I press tight against her and rub the top of my head all around her chin.  She seems to be looking for someone.  I’m too content to care.

Picking her way out of the room, she calls, “Over here, Don!  I found him.”


And for those who like the supershort stories, it’s also available in this volume:

Zoom! A collection of flash fiction.

Barnes & Noble
Xin Xii

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