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Flash fiction collection.  Fantasy, science fiction, mainstream.

What Time We Have
How much living can a person pack into ten years?

Guardian Angel
She woke up in a burning apartment; luckily not alone.

The Element of Surprise
Comrades in arms Meg Nichols and Allie Oshikawa just want to enjoy the concert during their brief leave on Jupiter’s moon.  Some local rabble, though, mistakes the soldiers for easy targets.

Fleetfoot:  my four-legged feline friend, traveling companion and sometimes method of transport.  At two thousand pounds, he normally protects me (his human) without the slightest difficulty.  Until a pack of ravenous canines attempted to eat us both for dinner.  Injured in the attack, now Fleetfoot needs the help.

The Bluff
At the weekly poker game,who’s telling the truth?

Enemies and rivals surrounded the empress always.  Countless people covet her power and envy the realm she built and must constantly defend.  Now she suspects her beloved consort wants to betray her.

The Line of Duty
Seven generations of women.  Seven generations of soldiers.  With the youngest about to graduate from the academy, her grandmother and great-great-grandmother strive to make it to the ceremony on time.

Two sisters battle over the fate of the queendom.

Weights and Measures
Technology:  the best—if not the only measure—by which to judge a planet?  If not, what other criteria apply?  And how much weight should they carry when a new world petitions to join the interplanetary union?

How will he survive his world literally crashing down around his furry ears?

A raging tornado threatens the evacuation of a medical complex, leaving a rescue pilot no choice but to fly directly through the heart of the twister.

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