Magical Realms

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Collected in a single volume:  Three tales of winged tigers, covetous kings, rivalrous sisters, an enchantress in training, and a frighteningly powerful sorceress.

Sword and Staff
Fire and Ice.  Oil and Water.  Day and Night.  Sword and Staff—embodied by the King’s Master Swordsman and the High Sorceress to the King.  Husband and Wife.  Can the couple rescue the kidnapped princess and prince without their disparate abilities dooming the mission?

A Tiger’s Tale of Two Sisters
Wizard and warrior.  No respect for each other and certainly no common ground.  Except for the same parents.  Then a miscast spell forces the pair to work together to rescue a beloved royal tiger.

The Lure of Cats
Rainbow tribes, their physical coloring reflecting they myriad hues and shades of the natural world surrounding them.  But one tribe fears and hates magic, not believing it sustains their world.  That rogue tribe fights to eliminate all enchantment, no matter what the cost.

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