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A Summary of the ‘Whole Slew of Series’ Series Now Concluded

That’s the whole bunch—for now. Some with tons of entries, a few with just one with more on the way. Thanks for checking them out. Comments and/or questions on any or all of the preceding are welcome!

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Fantastically fun stuff coming July 2023 from the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. Watch for the kickstarter launching on September 13, 2022.

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Mimion: Nature and Technology in Harmony

The heart and soul of Mimian culture connects them to nature. From the birth of their civilization through the development of their space age to their expansion into the galaxy, Mimians retain a respect for and love of all life. … Continue reading

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Dark Fae Hide Among Normal Humans

Elves, fae, vampires, wereanimals—supernatural beings of every ilk. And currently they prefer to congregate in Pittsburgh. It bodes ill for anyone who discovers them.

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A World-Renowned Karate Dojo

Sensei Zuiko loves the bushido tradition almost as much as she loves her husband and their two children. Sensei Akira divides her time between karate and the international security firm she founded. About the only thing the sisters have in … Continue reading

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A Diverse Band of Exiles Takes on Hunters and Mad Scientists

A deposed empress, a disgraced priest, a mutinous soldier, two con artists, a brilliant scientist, and a lost explorer join forces to prevent evil academics from engineering an army of giants. But the Hunters and scientists of the Academy put … Continue reading

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The Old West and Ancient Magic

San Martina starts as a crossroads and trading post serving settlers from back east as well as the local tribes. Little do most people know, it holds a secret guarded by Doña Mercedes Vasquez and her family—and their allies, allies … Continue reading

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A Spacefaring Scalawag

The newest member of her uncle’s pirate crew, Nikki’s greatest skill is the con. So much the better if there’s competition. Then that competition becomes a partner—and more—and the two of them seek out a powerful talisman in order to … Continue reading

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Four Clans: Earth, Ocean, Fire, & Air

Magical protectors, the members of the four Clans work together to safeguard all of Teerrock. Sierra, one of the youngest of the Ocean Clan, challenges the elders themselves in order to save a doomed species that accidentally migrated to a … Continue reading

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One Planet at War, and One That’s Blowing Itself Up

The crew of Triumph races against volcanos and tsunami as they search for the geologists lost in the planetary catastrophe. If the crew locates the scientists, can they get them out in time? On another mission, they need all their … Continue reading

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