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Leader of a Pirate Fleet

Few dare to challenge the Dragon Empress, Lady Masumi, who reigns over vast swatches of ocean with her own piratical navy. The only thing more legendary than her successful campaigns is the loyalty of her people to her. The loyalty … Continue reading

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Diverse Interstellar Cultures Present Unique Challenges

Captain Kelly Jemison and her crew always strive to respect other cultures, regardless of whether or not they agree. Sometimes they must work much harder than others to do that. One isolationist groups prevents a crewmember from leaving. An authoritarian … Continue reading

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A Powerful Talisman & a Soldier Who Eschews Magic

Now Paladin of Rosenev, Kele’s rejection of magic led to a decade-long estrangement from her twin sister Hana. Circumstances force them to join forces and deal with rampaging warlords, maniacal wizards, jealous politicians, avaricious criminals, natural disasters—and with the gods … Continue reading

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Always On The Move

Tiffany and Thomas love the nomadic life—luckily for them. It lets them stay ahead of the law enforcement officers trying to catch them and the criminals trying to kill them. Even luckier, though: they travel in a drivable palace, their … Continue reading

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River Pirates from the Middle Ages

Liz and her crewmates protect the local peasants from a dastardly king who cares only about accumulating as much wealth as he can–regardless of whom he hurts. A blacksmith comes to them with word the king is laying a trap, … Continue reading

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Uncanny Coincidence or Mysterious Past?

Alexandria Aristophanes hears it all the time, how much she looks like this historical person, or that one. Most happily laugh off the observation and don’t push, which suits Alex just fine. She dislikes attention, preferring instead to keep to … Continue reading

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Zooming Among The Stars

The Earth Military Force (EMF) duties also include diplomacy and exploration. On one mission, Captain West and her crew deal with a world-spanning computer who came to life and decided it wanted all the inhabitants to quit living on it. … Continue reading

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Civil War Pirates

Ironclads may be the wave of the future, but Abigail far prefers her mother’s elegant Tall Ship with its majestic rigging and billowing sails. With lawmen about to get the drop on her crewmates—her friends—Abigail must act fast to warn … Continue reading

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Samanya – a Financial Genius with a Dark Past

Recluse Dr. Nosizwe Samanya loves the life of a hermit. Her eight-hundred-foot yacht guarantees her privacy and the freedom to travel the world. When a mysterious nemesis threatens her business empire and, far worse, her friends’ lives, Samanya races to … Continue reading

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When Oil and Water Make Magic

Both powerful advisors to the royal family, Sian and Serulean get along best at a great distance—which makes family gatherings a huge challenge for the sisters. Throw the princess’s beloved flying tiger into the mix, add Sian’s rambunctious feline companion, … Continue reading

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