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Thrilling News on Exciting Upcoming Titles!

Debuts galore at Shore Leave 2020 this July! Azure Avians and Laura Ware will present the fourth book in the Sorcery & Steel Series. Kris Katzen’s stories will appear in two anthologies, Bad Ass Moms and Brave New Girls: Girls Who … Continue reading

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Explore the Cosmos with the Earth Military Force and a Slew of Crews!

Soar through outer space with these short stories and anthologies, all listed on Kris Katzen’s page along with their covers.  Several crews make more than one appearance.                              … Continue reading

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Enigmatic Aliens Threaten a Critical Supply Shipment!

A swift but small scout ship, a freighter full of vital supplies including medicine, and a mysterious race that only communicates by attacking.  Hide and Seek is the newest fantastic story in The Infinite Bard’s library of FREE fiction. Then . . … Continue reading

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The Infinite Bard Goes to Mimion!

Every two weeks, The Infinite Bard features a brand new story.  Today it hosts a Tale of Mimion where an unlikely band of allies unites to save the entire planet!  Visit The Infinite Bard for all the other stories, and also … Continue reading

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Far, FAR Out!

Explore the universe–yes, not just the Milky Way, but beyond–courtesy of all kinds of starships.  Tiny scout ships, swift diplomatic vessels, mighty warships, specialized science vessels, and world-sized Core Ships–all home to diverse crews tasked with exploration, investigation, protection, or … Continue reading

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From the Deepest Past to the Distant Future . . .

A tiny tribe fights to survive in the stone age. Powerful empresses vie to extend their influence over the world. A nomadic Xivaari exchanges exploring the planet for exploring the galaxy. A reclusive noblewoman chases her renegade cousin across ten … Continue reading

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Vagabonds on the run

What do you do when law enforcement and the mob are chasing you? Vanish as completely as possible, of course.  Something that a couple hundred million dollars make a lot easier, especially when the money comes with a double-decker RV with an exterior … Continue reading

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