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From gritty outer space sagas, to a murder mystery threatening to derail a Broadway musical, to a gangster targeting a church for demolition, variety reigns.

In Rigel Ailur’s Tales of Mimion, people have seven senses instead of five, and the social order is determined by telepathic ability.  For an outer space epic, check out A Little Piece of Home with its planet-sized ship sailing the cosmos thousands of years in the future.

Reid Alan describes the Breakaway success of a hockey legend’s daughter who wants to play in the NHL.  In contrast, although her corporation owns an NHL team, Trillionaire Nosizwe Samanya prefers anonymity.  So do the elusive millionaires of The Vagabonds’ Adventures.

Jess Barry goes behind the scenes at Phantom of the Opera, where the two lead actors vie for the hand of the actress playing Christine in Masquerade.

Magic suffuses Serulean, the world in The Lure of Cats by Azure Avians , who also wrote sagas of the ancient Amazons.

Kris Katzen zooms from planet to planet, ship to ship, in her many stories of the Earth Military Force and its fine crews.  Or explore the universe of the Curai’Nal.

Cats, warriors, ghosts, royalty, aliens, pirates, and modern millionaires-and one trillionaire-abound.

Come on in and see what suits your fancy.

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