Maximillian – King Regnant Among Empresses and Queens

Often the lone man in a woman’s world of royalty and power, King Maximillian knows all too well that he lives on the brink of disaster. One misstep—out of a perpetually long list of many potential pitfalls—could cost him his queendom. A few allies notwithstanding, most of the neighboring monarchs would like nothing better than to take over his realm.

He can’t acknowledge his beloved family. Doing so would force him to abdicate, or force his wife or one of his daughters to assume the throne. Neither he nor they want that, and his wife lacks the requisite psychic ability to rule. The resulting power vacuum would invite disaster, maybe even invasion.

Maximillian wants to rule his queendom in peace. Instead he finds himself mired in international politics and several neighboring lands on the brink of war. It will take all his fortitude, diplomacy and cleverness to ensure his realm remains intact—and to avoid a bloodbath.

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