Cats Rule

(With apologies to all the dogs, and to the furry, feathered, finned, scaly—etc.—others who are also great.)

Presenting The Angel Cat Collection to kick off the series’ write-ups. These short stories showcase eleven fantastic felines in all their glory. Some live on a spaceship millenia in the future, others consort with medieval pirates. They mess with wizards, and insert themselves into battles against evil fae. One sails the oceans on an 800-foot yacht, another resides in the White House.

A tiny but ferocious calico defends her turf from an obnoxious interloper.

The beautiful long-haired tortie guards the hacienda, fiercely and magically protecting all those inside.

A gray-brown tabby makes mischief for his mom when he drinks the potion the wizard promised to deliver to the princess.

An intrepid tuxedo kitty proves to be the best smoke detector.

A black and gold two-tailed cat must decide whom to trust, not just for her sake, but for her newborn kittens’.

Outsiders think sisters Akira and Zuiko run the dojo, but all the karatekas who study there know that black cat Ninja truly keeps things running smoothly.

A yellow tabby gives her sitters a heart attack when she disappears on the huge yacht where she lives with her trillionaire mom.

The gray and white feline pirate tolerates no invaders and springs into action to drive off the soldiers who dare to break in to her home.

The silver tabby makes herself at home regardless of where, including in the Oval Office.

The gray kitty soars between galaxies on the gargantuan starship, but at the moment can tell something is bothering her human.

A fearless winged tortie dives in to help fight off an attack by some dark fae.

Print and eBooks available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords.

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