A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Spellbinding, Thrilling Novels

Don’t miss bunches of novels in almost every genre!

Love Romance? Check out Masquerade, which showcases a love triangle with a murderous twist set against the backdrop of a Broadway show.

Hockey fan? Shoot and score with Breakaway, about the first woman to play in the NHL–and not as a goalie.

Contemporary action/adventure/thrillers blow you away? Meet Nosizwe Samanya, the world’s first Trillionaire who must fight to stay alive and defend her international business empire. Or travel the U.S. with two fugitive Vagabond Samaritans in their double-decker luxury RV who avoid drawing any attention to themselves as they try to help others.

Fantasize about magical realms? Visit the theocradom of Rosenev in the Sorcery and Steel series and meet Paladin Kele and Mage Hana, twins who work together to figure out why powerful talismans are suddenly appearing—and wreaking havoc throughout the land.

Science Fiction send your spirit soaring among the stars? Find out why Alex is hiding on Earth in Azure Dragon. Voyage on Exploration as the ship the size of a small planet sails the cosmos, and its crew searches for saboteurs on board. Discover the millennia-spanning Tales of Mimion, from the earliest tribes of the nascent culture, to vast empires and queendoms, to the growing cooperation among the countries that leads to conquering the frontier of outer space. Or check out the time-travel tale Founding Mimion that spans all the eras. Get caught up in the spine-tingling Escapes of a group of mismatched Interstellar Exiles who are torn between helping each other—and killing each other. In Curai’Nal, see how a brand-new captain strives to gain the trust of her crew while figuring out who’s attacking a colony far from their homeworld and why.

Historicals capture your attention? The Last Abbot of Linn Duachaill tries to pit the Irish against the Norsemen; however these Norse sailors aren’t Vikings but traders. Will Captain Mariel and her crew succeed, thus saving the family estate back home?

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