Two New Short Stories—COMING IN AUGUST!

Dragons! Fae!

Two new stories of fantastical fiascos will debut soon.

In “Rainbow of Ruin” the Clansmembers normally respect the solitude of those who prefer to live apart. That changes when they abandon their isolation and inexplicably begin to attack the Clans’ nurseries. With eggs and hatchlings at risk, Sierra must discover what caused the sudden hostility and how to stop it.

The result is “Ill Met by Moonlight” when a human runs afoul of the fae. Despite all their magical power, the fae realize that mundane humans far outnumber them—and therefore pose a threat. The fae remain out of sight, preferring to operate in the shadows and move often. Sometimes, though, they skate perilously close to revealing themselves. In such cases, Elora and Maeve often find themselves forced to work together.

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