Spectacular, Spellbinding Free Short Stories

With so many people staying safe at home, plenty are looking to discover exciting new tales to take them away on whirlwind adventures, immerse them in confounding mysteries, or delight them with romance or humor.  Featuring magic and mayhem galore, these dozen stories include ghosts (real and imagined), a woman searching for her brother in the Brazilian Amazon, a Halloween party that that goes gloriously amuck, enigmatic aliens, treasure, and–of course!–cats.

Diamond of the Sky

Hide and Seek

Ninja Angel

Purple Hills

All Kinds of Ghosts


Sapphire Guardians

Cursed Good Luck

An Ancient Key



Family Pride

Im Offenen Anblick Verstecken

For even more variety from a plethora of amazing other authors, visit:

The Infinite Bard

About Bluetrix Books

Fiction of all flavors. Come see what's available.
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