Series Galore!

On the heels of the announcements regarding Brave New Girls Volume 4, and Sorcery & Steel Book 3–both debuting at Shore Leave this July–comes this enthusiastic reminder about the other series from Bluetrix Books’ authors:

Amazons – Pirate captain, Amazon princess, indominable warrior, follow the adventures of Theolonia and her crew.

The Angel Cat Collection – Historical, futuristic, magical, mischievous..all kinds of cats!

The Lady Pirates Series – From ancient times to the space age, all over the Earth and roaming the galaxy, get to know these brash, clever, brilliant women who live by their own rules.

The Patel Family Chronicles – Meet the family with a magical legacy to uphold.

Sorcery & Steel – Hana and Kele constantly strive to work together to save their home, the theocradom of Rosenev, despite their divergent skills causing as much strife as they do success.

Space Stories – Roam the galaxy, and beyond, with several bold, brave crews.

Tales of Mimion – A wilderness planet shared–not always in harmoniously–among five species spanning the land, sea, air…and moon.  In the humans’ feudal society, the strength of a person’s telepathic and telekinetic ability determines her (or sometimes his) place.

The Vagabonds’ Adventures -Tiffany and Thomas use their hundreds of millions of dollars and her incredible hacking skills to hide, living completely off the grid in a double-decker RV.  They diligently avoid criminals and law enforcement alike who are hunting them.

About Bluetrix Books

Fiction of all flavors. Come see what's available.
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