Where In The World . . . ???

Greetings far and wide, I hope.

I’m curious on behalf of Bluetrix  Books, and I’m willing to play a game to satisfy my curiosity.  And I’ll make it worth the while for others to join in.

Free eBook of your choice, anyone?

I want to see how many hits this site can get from as many countries as possible.  If you’re the first to leave a comment from your country, you can select the eBook of your choice from the bibliography page.

Post the following in this post’s Comments section:   “Hello from [country].  My book choice is [title].”

Join the fun!

Make sure to include your email in the designated field when you comment.  Your email address will NOT post.  It’s needed so I can send you your free eBook.  Your address will not be added to any mailing lists, nor will it be sold to anyone.


About Bluetrix Books

Fiction of all flavors. Come see what's available.
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5 Responses to Where In The World . . . ???

  1. Laura Ware says:

    Just letting you know I saw this. Won’t say where I’m from so someone else can get a free book. 🙂

  2. Wandalee says:

    You got from United States! Come on everyone! Share where you are from. Don’t miss this amazing author!

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