Pirate Profiles

Meet the pirate women who through the
ages defied convention and ignored the law.

Theolonia – fiery and fierce captain of a crew of ancient Amazons

Masumi – cool and commanding leader of a pirate fleet, the only law in a vast area

Liz – loyal and protective first officer on a riverboat that terrorizes the local authorities

Abigail – clever and quick crewmate on a clipper ship captained by her mother

Adaeze – combative and disciplined former soldier, stole a nuclear submarine to prowl the high seas

Nikki – sly and sweet, the newest crewmember aboard her uncle’s infamous interstellar ship

~ and introducing ~

Scheherazade – brilliant and cunning captain who, on behalf of her sultan, stalks the spice trade routes between Arabia and India


Clipper versus clipper.

“Here, take these.” Abigail handed Prescott her Derringer and her Le Mat Revolver.  He wouldn’t like either as well as his Colts, but they’d have to do. Then she dashed into one of the store rooms to get more guns.

The rumble of cannons grew louder, then Angelica’s own blasted in answer, sending a vibration through the decks.

Abigail raced back to the rail, clutching what she’d sought:  the Spencer repeating rifle. She clutched long narrow tubes of ammunition in her other hand.

Using the rail for both cover and support for the barrel, Abigail took aim at the person at Marauder’s helm and fired. He dropped to his knees then toppled over.

Pumping the lever between each shot, she felled seven men from the rigging and one from the crow’s nest. One cannonball whizzed past, missing her by a foot and splintering the rail and deck beside her.

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