Excerpt from Trillionaire

Envy and hate from the past threaten the future, and put everyone aboard Samanya’s megayacht Nubian Queen at risk.

Corporate titan Dr. Nosizwe Samanya co-founded the Zhousheng Corporation.  When a shadowy figure with no discernible motive attacks the globe-spanning empire, people die.  Nosizwe races to stop the specter before the enigma kills anyone else and destroys not just her and her friends, but their entire life’s work.

The deeper Samanya digs, the more she discovers the extent of her adversary’s resources.  She finally finds the clues she needs to put her attacker on the defensive, but can she use the information in time?


Billion Dollar Heist

Malcolm used his key card and burst in, out of breath and looking utterly disheveled.

Malcolm never looked disheveled.

Now, however, he wore only tuxedo pants and a white undershirt—and a single black sock, leaving his other foot bare.  He hadn’t combed his tousled still-dripping hair, and he smelled of shampoo and soap instead of his normal mild cologne.  “Ma’am, there’s been a robbery!  The police are asking for you in the ballroom.”

Picking up her suit coat from the back of the sofa, Nosizwe followed her assistant through the suite’s gilded double doors.  In the ornate landing, the waiting elevator beeped in protest to Malcolm’s use of the Emergency Stop button.

“Malcolm, relax.  They obviously don’t think you’re a suspect,” she told him as he repeatedly poked at the floor number for 10 before the doors had even finished closing.  “Take a deep breath.”  She selected floor 19, one below hers.  At his panicked look, she repeated, “Take a deep breath,” the doors opened, “Now, go get your shoes on.  A five-minute wait won’t kill anyone.”

He ran.

She sighed.

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