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Featured Series: Vagabonds’ Adventures

In constant motion…out of sight. Eccentric multimillionaires, they stay on the road to evade the authorities and the mob. Not nearly as rough as it sounds, they live in—and drive—a palace: a luxury double-decker rv dubbed ‘The Monster’. They don’t … Continue reading

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Featured Series: Tales of Mimion

Mimion: a wilderness planet. Four spectacularly different races share it: fur-covered, arctic-dwelling hominids; gargantuan whale-sized fish; sentient birds with twelve-foot wingspans; and humans. Humans with seven senses instead of five, whose queendoms’ governments rely on those with the strongest telepathic … Continue reading

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Featured Story: The Purple Hills

Volcanoes, tsunami, earthquakes, wildfires. Mimion threatens to tear itself apart. The entire world will die unless the disparate races that live there work together to stave off disaster. Amazon              Barnes & Noble              Smashwords              Xin Xii

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