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Featured Story: Aquadia

All kinds of tribulations can force a man to grow up. A pawn between two warring queendoms, a young prince fights to protect himself and his two infant children when a rival queen abducts the three of them. He doesn’t … Continue reading

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Featured Story: Across the Ages

Across the Ages From Mimion’s earliest history to its space age, these stories show moments large and small that contributed to how the culture evolved. Ilyn  One newly-departed spirit of a gigantic cat.  Two souls still very much alive, yet completely … Continue reading

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Featured Story: Curai’Nal

Respect is earned, not given. But so is disrespect—Dannell believes. Not everyone aboard her new ship agrees, and the crew gives its new commander a decidedly cold welcome. A brutal attack forces them to put aside their differences and work … Continue reading

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