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Story of the Week: Treasure

Thieves take advantage of a careless captain and highjack his cargo of precious gems.  His friends chase after it, trying to recover it before anyone else learns of the theft—and before the thieves sell it.

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Azure Dragon now in print!

Thrilling story now in beautiful trade paperback. Available exclusively from

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Story of the Week: The Thrill of the Hunt

Running Wolf loves his life sailing the high seas, always finding new and exotic cultures—even discovering one that solves even the slightest conflict by hand-to-hand combat.  Will the warrior princess of the realm entice him into giving up his wandering … Continue reading

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Now in Print: Guardian Angel

I awoke in a burning apartment.  Luckily, I wasn’t alone. Includes two bonuses:  Catastrophe and an excerpt from Masquerade.

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Story of the Week: The Letter of the Law

Individuality versus the common good, an eternal struggle.  But what of love of family when the “common good” claims the right to tear a child from his parents?

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Lady Pirates Series: all six now in print!

Pick your favorite, one or more!    Or enjoy all of them in one volume!

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