Story of the week: Avast!

Six action-packed tales of piracy in one volume!

Pirates! Buccanneers! Corsairs! Meet the women who throughout history ignored laws and defied convention. Dashing dames, pirates all, from ancient Amazons to spacefaring scalawags.

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Race for the Gold Lion
Ancient Amazons, and pirates as well! Theolonia and her crew live outside all the laws of the land.

Dragon Empress of the Sea
When the leader of a pirate fleet is challenged by a prince no longer willing to pay tribute, she needs to decide how much she’ll risk to bring him back in line.

Sense of Menace
They prowl the river and prey on hapless travelers with far more riches than common sense. In particular, they relish stealing from the tyrannical king. When the son of their enemy warns them they’re in danger, the crew must decide if he’s sincere–or part of a trap.

The Crafty Corsair
Outsmarting a lone lawman is one thing. Making an entire clipper disappear is very much another. But the captain’s daughter is every bit as smart as she is determined.

The pirate band targets ships indiscriminately: they attack law enforcement and drug lords alike. On their current mission, an old acquaintance causes a huge complication.

Family Pride
Restore her piratical family’s name by stealing back what was stolen from them. Sounds easy. Then she meets someone who might or might not go after the same target.

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