News Roundup!

Exciting goings on at Bluetrix Books!  Plenty of thrilling news to report.

First up, new releases.

Good Intentions, the third Vagabonds’ adventure.  Tiffany and Thomas face off against gangsters in the deep south, and get caught between good cops and bad cops.


An additional Tale of Mimion.  In Gloden, a young woman fights to keep her people from staying mired in the past and blind to the future.  She wants them to accept technology.  Others fear it will destroy their world—and will kill to keep technology out.


Fantastic stories now available in print, not just as eBooks.  So far, print editions include all three Vagabonds’ Adventures, all Kris Katzen’s science fiction, all six Lady Pirates stories and their collection Avast!  The romance Masquerade and the fantasy The Lure of Cats round out the print editions.

More print editions coming soon, starting with each entry in the Patel Family Chronicles, with each available separately, and combined in one volume.

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Fiction of all flavors. Come see what's available.
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