Story of the week: Exploring the Wild Black Yonder

Exploring the Wild Black Yonder

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Much of the science fiction set in outer space focuses on heroic soldier girls or –boys. That observation is by no means a complaint. I love many of those stories! But here are four adventures where the military—even if it’s there—isn’t the focal point.

A Wrinkle in Time
Archeologist and former Earth Military Force officer Luke Parillo finds thousand-year-old wreckage all the time. But this ancient ship came from hundreds of years in the future.

Hunter and Prey
A nursery full of cute little babies. Cute little vacuum-dwelling metal-eating babies, ravenous and eager to devour the starship that discovered them among the asteroids they call home.

A Time of Joy and Sorrow
Yuwellan: living jewels, beautiful beings comprising every shade of blue. As tiny as a few centimeters to as huge as thirty meters in diameter. They invite a human colleague to share in their people’s most sacred ceremony.

By Any Other Name
The death of a virtual stranger embroils a space pirate in a conspiracy. He barely knew the murdered woman. So why fight so hard now to catch her killer? And dare he trust the authorities?

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2 Responses to Story of the week: Exploring the Wild Black Yonder

  1. David Brenneman says:

    Would love to see a sequel to A Wrinkle in Time

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. A sequel is definitely *not* out of the question, but absolutely no timetable yet, alas.

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