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Story of the week: Exploring the Wild Black Yonder

Amazon        Barnes & Noble        Smashwords        Xin Xii Much of the science fiction set in outer space focuses on heroic soldier girls or –boys. That observation is by no means a complaint. I love many … Continue reading

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Story of the Week: Dragon Empress of the Sea

When the leader of a pirate fleet is challenged by a prince no longer willing to pay tribute, she needs to decide how much she’ll risk to bring him back in line. Amazon                            Barnes & Noble                            Smashwords

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Story of the Week: De’Ona

The rules of the game: ‘kidnap’ the groom—not kill the bride.  So much for a fun, harmless tradition. The bride’s first order of business: escape her pursuers and stay alive.  The second: get home and find the killer. Amazon            Barnes … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th Special: Sword and Staff

Fire and Ice. Oil and Water. Day and Night. Sword and Staff—embodied by the King’s Master Swordsman and the High Sorceress to the King. Husband and Wife. Can the couple rescue the kidnapped princess and prince without their clashing abilities … Continue reading

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Story of the Week: Cursed

Modern science and weapons go up against an ancient entity who ferociously guards his solitude. He wants people to stay off his mountain. They want him to quit killing. Amazon              Barnes & Noble              Smashwords              Xin Xii

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And one more cover…

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After the Cliffhanger…!

Latchkeys’ Bootleg War concludes in Roscoes in the Night!

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