Readers’ Choice: What Era/Area was missing?

The pirate stories run the gamut from ancient Amazons to space-age scalawags, with several tales in between.

10th Century bc Mediterranean
9th Century Orient
11th Century British Isles
19th Century Gulf of Mexico
21st Century Pacific Ocean
27th Century Interstellar

So that still leaves a ton of history.  Which begs two questions:

Where else?  When else?

What other pirate stories would you like to see?  What would be fun or funny, or the most spine-tingling or adventurous?  Just a place, and/or a date, please.  No characters or plots–give a location and give a year.  No other story details, although you can say why your particular selection is your favorite.

If enough people want the same timeframe and/or the same locale, that could end up the setting of the next pirate story.  Leave suggestions in the Comments section.

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6 Responses to Readers’ Choice: What Era/Area was missing?

  1. Jolayne says:

    I want time pirates that steal time from those with too much of it and give it to those of us who never have enough!

  2. Barb says:

    I read of pirates in the Mediterranean 12th or 13th century – the usual, Christian against Turks/Muslims (and the birth of Trinitarians – sort like Templars and Hospitalliers – who went around freeing Christian slaves from the Heathens… but then I’m a Middle Ages buff! 😉
    And I’m sure the Italian marine Republics (Venice, Pisa, amalfi and Genova) had some forms of piracy between themselves and/or other countries… Haven’t checked into that history, though. Although the sack of Costantinople can be a form of piracy – the Venetians too the crusaders there instead of the Holy Land (they still call it a crusade even if they didn’t actually reach Palestine and ended up slaughtering other Christians).

  3. Bob Sojka says:

    Pirates undoubtedly exist in every time and every imaginable setting… These are two I’ve considered writing about myself!

    Eternity (time intersects), The afterlife,
    Ice Age, The Temperate Savannahs away from the ice.

    The thing is to figure out what constitutes “treasure” for these settings.

    Bob Sojka

    See my new story “The Last Teamster” in Issue 19 at
    Or buy the anthology “Elemental” at Amazon and read my story “Dirt Poor”

  4. Jim says:

    Hum West coast of Africa—all sorts of interesting cultures from north to south. Eastern and western coast of South America Cape Horn Africa and Straights of Magellean area of south american and perhaps some of the coastal areas of anartica time frame 17th to 19th century

  5. Judith says:

    In the mid-1990’s, when Canada raised the tax rates on cigarette prices, there were pirates smuggling in cigarettes from the U.S. So, there you have your 20th century pirates. 🙂
    Check out this article that gives a short history of some of the activity that originated from the China South Seas:

  6. Jack Hillman says:

    late 17th early 18th century Caribbean- the time of Blackbeard
    21st century Philippines and Asian area- they’re doing it now!


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