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Same exciting book, fantastic new cover.

Amazon              Barnes & Noble              Smashwords              Xin Xii   Major kudos to Tiffany Bartlett for the wonderful job.

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Story of the Week: Amazon Prince

Meeting his new wife’s family is one thing. Winning over the queen of a land where men have no legal standing whatsoever increases the challenge. Can he make a place in a culture that doesn’t even have a word for … Continue reading

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Story of the Week: After the Wedding

Ghostly visitors interrupt a family’s nice quiet vacation at a rustic mountain lodge.  They also deliver some news even more startling than their presence. Amazon                   Barnes & Noble          … Continue reading

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Bootleg War!

Paul’s and my story, the fourth in the fun fantasy series! Barnes & Noble                                 Amazon

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Readers’ Choice: What Era/Area was missing?

The pirate stories run the gamut from ancient Amazons to space-age scalawags, with several tales in between. 10th Century bc Mediterranean 9th Century Orient 11th Century British Isles 19th Century Gulf of Mexico 21st Century Pacific Ocean 27th Century Interstellar So that still leaves a … Continue reading

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Story of the Week: A Time of Joy and Sorrow

Yuwellan: living jewels, beautiful beings comprising every shade of blue. As tiny as a few centimeters to as huge as thirty meters in diameter. They invite a human colleague to share in their people’s most sacred ceremony. Amazon           Barnes & … Continue reading

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This Means War! A Bootleg War!

This most gorgeous cover courtesy of Vance Kelly.  It’s a great children’s fantasy series I’m thrilled to be a part of! Presenting the fourth Latchkeys installment, coming soon!!!

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