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Story of the week: Riversland

War and famine never touched the young princess—until the avaricious, tyranical regent of the neighboring queendom murders the princess’s parents. Now queen of a besieged realm, she must rise to the challenge of protecting it or else see it fall … Continue reading

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Story of the Week: Retribution

The pirate band targets ships indiscriminately: they attack law enforcement and drug lords alike. On their current mission to capture a drug lord’s treasure, an old acquaintance causes a huge complication. Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Smashwords

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Exciting new adventure on Mimion, Lorarzet now available

A visit from Earth to the exotic planet Mimion lasts far longer than Terrence ever dreamed it would. Can he accept this new world as his home? And can he learn to accept the alien culture enough to build a … Continue reading

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Story of the Week: The Purple Hills

Volcanoes, tsunami, earthquakes, wildfires. Mimion threatens to tear itself apart. The entire world will die unless the disparate races that live there work together to stave off disaster. Barnes & Noble      Amazon      Smashwords     Xin Xii

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Story of the Week: Milay

People on Mimion cherish their aversion to technology. Only the tiniest minority lives in space. Can one scientist convince the ruler of the orbiting city of how much more progress they can make by having a university above their world … Continue reading

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The Latchkeys Saga Continues!

Episode 2 of this fun and freaky series went live today! Yay to the illustrious Robert Greenberger!  And kudos to cover artist Vance Kelly! Nook                      Kindle

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Starting tonight: Read an eBook Week courtesy of Smashwords

Once a year, Smashwords runs a special promotion designed to garner new readers and boost sales.   Lots of fantastic books at great prices, and Bluetrix Books is participating. The event runs from Sunday to Sunday. Check out these titles, at … Continue reading

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