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Here’s how it works:

See the individual pages for what’s available: Masquerade, Azure Dragon, Vagabond Samaritans or Breakaway.

Return to this post and leave a comment on which novel you’d like and why.  Please be sure to leave your comment *here* at this post and not on the individual novel page.  Thanks.

The deadline for comments is Sunday November 13.

FIVE winners chosen at random from all the comments will recieve the novel of their choice in the eFormat of their choice.

Have fun!

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22 Responses to eBook Giveaway!!

  1. Welcome! Looking forward to lots of comments!

  2. Alex Rosenzweig says:

    So I read the various synopses, and they all seem intriguing. It’s hard to say why I might be interested in one more than another based on a paragraph-long blurb, but for the sake of argument (and statistics 😉 ), count me for Vagabond Samaritans, which looks like a fun read. And while one certainly can’t judge a book by its cover, I rather liked the image provided. 🙂


  3. Dave Galanter says:


  4. Cynthia says:

    I’d love Masquerade because I love books set in the world of entertainment and they’re so hard to find.

  5. Jolayne says:

    I go for the “other worlds” genre, whether fantasy or sci-fi, so I’d like to give Azure Dragon a try. Sounds intriguing!

  6. Russ Hart says:

    Azure Dragon for sure. A woman who lives for 30,000 years? I’ve always loved those older women. .

  7. Andy says:


  8. Carl Blakebrough says:

    Azure Dragon please!

  9. Laura Ware says:

    Hmm…tough call, but I think I’ll vote for Samaritans as well.

  10. Andrea Z says:

    I’d love Masquerade it seems like a book that could keep you on the edge of your seat as well as satisfying your romance cravings.

  11. Lorraine Anderson says:

    Me, too.

    • Lorraine Anderson says:

      Actually, I meant Samaritans, like Laura Ware. I think I have another of your stories with the same characters…

  12. Val says:

    Hockey! Women & hockey! Ice hockey is my midlife crisis sport – I have been playing for a little under a year – and I want to play till I’m ninety 😀 I love hearing about other women – even fictional ones – playing! (I also want to know if they can figure out how to stop our equipment from reeking…)

  13. Oh, Azure Dragon for sure. I loved the cover and the synopsis. I am always hooked by words like thirty thousand years ago. This is a wonderful idea.

  14. Gernot says:

    Breakaway sounds like it’d be my cup of tea! Sounds like it’d be pretty funny in spots. 🙂

  15. Azure Dragon…it sound terribly interesting. I love the cover…it sounds like something I would like to read. Good luck with your contest.

  16. Kat Hardy says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Masquerade! But only because of the cover! *wink*

  17. heather c says:

    Hi! Would love Masquerade, as I love theater! It will be like coming home…except for the murder thing.

  18. crystle tellerday says:


  19. Cathy Corn says:

    Your characters are always so interesting and the worlds you build fascinate me. Plus lots of action. I encourage everyone to buy and read these books. Fantasy at its best.

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