Upward and Onward

Just a quick “hi” to those following this site.   (*waves to Mom*)  I’m really pleased with how it’s coming together.

All the titles are listed, all the links are live.

The artwork for the covers and the logo–with neverending thanks to Kat Hardy, Todd Kogutt and Elaine Polk–looks fantastic.  More will be added as it’s completed.

And lastly, I hope the site itself is inviting and easy for visitors to navigate.

Questions and comments always welcome.

About Bluetrix Books

Fiction of all flavors. Come see what's available.
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2 Responses to Upward and Onward

  1. The website looks great! Well done.

    I guess my only suggestion would be to have your links to other sites (Amazon, etc.) open in a new window instead of using the same one. That way a potential reader still has a window open on your site while she goes to the Amazon window and buys lots of stuff. At least that’s my personal preference.

  2. Thanks! Greatly appreciated.

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