Kudos and Commendations

A special shout out and TONS and TONS of thanks to the following friends, mentors, astounding artists, amazing writers–all of whom are the most wonderful people.

Lorraine Anderson
Ann C. Crispin
Matt Forbeck
Dave Galanter
David R. George III
Bob Greenberger
Jason Hardy
Kathleen Hardy
Jane Killick
Todd Kogutt
Paul Kupperberg
Nancy Martin
Marco Palmieri
Elaine Polk
James Reasoner
Laura Resnick
Ben H. Rome
Aaron Rosenberg
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Steven Savile
Larry Segriff
Dean Wesley Smith
David Spencer
Michael A. Stackpole
Brandie Tarvin
Geoff Trowbridge
Debbie Viguié
Laura Ware
Jolayne White

About Bluetrix Books

Fiction of all flavors. Come see what's available.
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3 Responses to Kudos and Commendations

  1. Emmett Pittman says:

    Nice site Bluetrix. Can’t wait to peek at some of your great fiction. Nice Budgies too. I had two cobalts, one for twelve and another for fourteen years. Good luck! Em

  2. Steve says:

    Good luck with the new site, and thanks for the thanks… You make me sound all respectable and upstanding.

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