Four Clans: Earth, Ocean, Fire, & Air

Magical protectors, the members of the four Clans work together to safeguard all of Teerrock. Sierra, one of the youngest of the Ocean Clan, challenges the elders themselves in order to save a doomed species that accidentally migrated to a dangerous location. Next, she and her friends must protect the Clans’ unhatched progeny from vicious attacks.

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One Planet at War, and One That’s Blowing Itself Up

The crew of Triumph races against volcanos and tsunami as they search for the geologists lost in the planetary catastrophe. If the crew locates the scientists, can they get them out in time? On another mission, they need all their diplomatic skills to prevent all-out war.

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Pirate Captain — of a Nuclear Submarine

Adaeze makes her own rules, always, which didn’t go over so well in the military. So she left and took one of their nuclear-powered submarines with her. Now she wreaks havoc on drug smugglers, arms dealers, and various other unsavory sorts.

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An Enigmatic Alien Race

Newly-promoted to captain of one of the fleet’s most powerful ships, Dannall faces a battle to win over her own crew. Then the fiercely reclusive Curai’Nal, who adamantly avoid all attempts at contact, suddenly attack one of her people’s colonies. Now Dannall must protect the millions of inhabitants and figure out what provoked the aggression—all while dealing with a crew who could rebel at any moment.

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A Dashing Privateer With a Magical Secret

Sheherazade and her crew sail the silk and spice routes of the Indian Ocean. Sometimes she looks out for the interests of the sultan; mostly she sees to her own.

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An Intergalactic Voyage with the Most Diverse Crew Ever

A ship the size of a small planet; a crew from all over the Milky Way. The crew, only three percent of which are humans, could grow to over five million in number by the time the ship reaches its destination in a distant galaxy.

At the vanguard of a new era of science and exploration, the Anillan Project names their first ship Exploration. Each ship in the eventual fleet of three hundred will explore a different galaxy. But that will only happen if Exploration accomplishes its mission, a mission some people want to destroy before it even begins.

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A Fierce Pirate Captain and Amazon Princess

Theolonia rarely follows rules—least of all ones she had no hand in making. But she occasionally takes on legitimate work, and now finds herself in a contest with another captain for a particularly valuable prize. Then she finds herself in a contest against dire weather while attempting to rescue a kidnapped oracle.

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Peril and Unpredictable Aliens Among the Stars

Soaring out in the cosmos, the crew of the EMF Courage never knows whom they’ll encounter. When they stop to render assistance to a ship in distress, they don’t expect thanks. They’re only doing the right thing. But nor do they expect the aliens to kidnap and flee with a favorite member of the crew—the captain’s beloved dog. Next, the captain and his CMO are at odds as to how to deal with a prisoner in their brig.

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Leader of a Pirate Fleet

Few dare to challenge the Dragon Empress, Lady Masumi, who reigns over vast swatches of ocean with her own piratical navy. The only thing more legendary than her successful campaigns is the loyalty of her people to her. The loyalty goes both ways, which is why she doesn’t hesitate to rescue a crew member captured by a vassal refusing to pay the required annual tribute. Then she and her fleet come upon a ship laden with royal wedding gifts, and wind up playing wedding counselor.

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Diverse Interstellar Cultures Present Unique Challenges

Captain Kelly Jemison and her crew always strive to respect other cultures, regardless of whether or not they agree. Sometimes they must work much harder than others to do that. One isolationist groups prevents a crewmember from leaving. An authoritarian group demands that a citizen leave. Jemison and her crew do their best to navigate the delicate situations.


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