Maximillian – King Regnant Among Empresses and Queens

Often the lone man in a woman’s world of royalty and power, King Maximillian knows all too well that he lives on the brink of disaster. One misstep—out of a perpetually long list of many potential pitfalls—could cost him his queendom. A few allies notwithstanding, most of the neighboring monarchs would like nothing better than to take over his realm.

He can’t acknowledge his beloved family. Doing so would force him to abdicate, or force his wife or one of his daughters to assume the throne. Neither he nor they want that, and his wife lacks the requisite psychic ability to rule. The resulting power vacuum would invite disaster, maybe even invasion.

Maximillian wants to rule his queendom in peace. Instead he finds himself mired in international politics and several neighboring lands on the brink of war. It will take all his fortitude, diplomacy and cleverness to ensure his realm remains intact—and to avoid a bloodbath.

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Marguerite Smith – Enchanting Songstress

A lifelong student of voice, Marguerite longs to star in Broadway shows. She gets her break when producers cast her as Christine Daaé in the Phantom of the Opera. Her joy grows when her childhood crush joins the cast as Raoul. Life imitates art when the Phantom himself falls for her as well.

Then the dream turns into a nightmare.

Marguerite faces more challenges than she ever imagined. The other actress also playing Christine is demoted from the primary to the secondary lead and, beyond furious, blames Marguerite. Dangerous accidents happen on set, targeting not just Christine but her friend playing Raoul.

She fights to find the courage and strength to face down the threats and stay with the show, but how long can she persevere? More, she loves both men but must determine where her heart truly lies before wounding one of them irrevocably.

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Nikki Sage – Angelically Adorable, Devilishly Deceitful

Eager to contribute to the family business, Nikki joins her uncle’s crew of interstellar pirates at the earliest opportunity. She quickly applies the tricks of the trade she’s learned since childhood. Nikki looks–and can act–like a wide-eyed innocent ingenue and takes full advantage of that fact. Combined with her magical skills that exceed those of most of her relatives, she rarely fails to achieve her devious goals.

Yet she never takes the family’s success for granted. She does everything possible to hide their accomplishments because the more they achieve, the more they risk drawing unwanted attention. Law enforcement and fellow criminals alike would like nothing more than to dethrone them as the most successful.

Nikki relishes the challenge of staying ahead of both of them.

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Vivid, Intriguing, & Inspiring

Following the write-ups of the various series, next up are introductions to the numerous characters who inhabit them. Their backgrounds run the gamut from super rich to super sneaky. They hail from all over the world—and some, not necessarily human, from other worlds as well. You’ll find intrepid leaders, hermits who prefer anonymity to the point of invisibility, and those just finding their paths in life.

Keep checking back to meet aspiring artists, sports legends in the making, brilliant scientists, deadly swordfighters, criminals and cops, ancient warriors, contemporary soldiers, and magical pirates who plunder the cosmos.

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Free eBook, anyone?

Check out this blast-from-the-past post, and leave your comment there:

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Launch into 2023 with Exciting Outer Space Adventures!

Various ships, various crews. Most of them, members of the Earth Defense Force. Check out the thrilling cosmic action in these spectacular tales.

Living planets! Exploding planets! Kidnapped canines! And plenty more.

Print edition and eBook available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & Smashwords.

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Wishing all the best to everyone who’s celebrating. And to all those for whom it’s a difficult time of year, sending you caring thoughts as well.

Check out the free stories linked below for your reading enjoyment. Not seasonal, but one can never go wrong with felines and humor.

. . . . . . . Mischievous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ferocious . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Goliath

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Breaking Hockey Barriers!

Born into a family of hockey legends, Ekaterina Rodchenko aims to take it to a whole new level. What hockey player doesn’t dream of playing in the NHL?

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Double Trouble Achieves Liftoff!

Our kickstarter is now fully funded. Thank you to everyone who backed us! A ton of rewards, extras, and stretch goals remain available!

—Tuckerizations! (Have a character *in* the book named after you or a loved one.)

—Author readings of their own stories.

—Signed edition of Double Trouble, and signed ARCs of the new fantasy series from Jonathan Maberry.

—Special eBook offers from several of the authors.

—and lots more!

Edited by Jonathan Maberry and Keith R. A. DeCandido with stories by IAMTW members including NYT bestselling authors like Nancy Holder, Scott Sigler, Dayton Ward, Delilah S. Dawson, David Mack, Kevin J. Anderson, and Greg Cox, plus the likes of Jennifer Brody, Derek Tyler Attico, James Reasoner, Ben H Rome, Maurice Broaddus, Keith DeCandido, Diana Dru Botsford, Alan Philipson, and Rigel Ailur.

Plus don’t forget our strech goals! We’re dying to add stories by Debbie Smith Daughetee, David A McIntee, and James A. Moore. Plus, illustrations for all the stories! Copies of Turning the Tide. To name just a few.

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Double Trouble AUTHOR INTERVIEWS Galore!

Our kickstarter forges ahead! Check out the interviews from the contributing authors, including a whole bunch of NYT Best-Sellers like Nancy Holder, Kevin J. Anderson, Greg Cox, Delilah S. Dawson, David Mack, Scott Sigler, and Dayton Ward.

We’ve already done several interviews with more to come:

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