Spectacular Sundry Series

A series of posts–on series!

Starting in July, each post will feature a write-up on one of the plethora of super series available. Some established, others nascent, they include science fiction, fantasy, action, and suspense. Magical, mysterious, or military, the series run the gamut of diversity in both genre and time period. These wide-ranging series offer something for everybody to enjoy.

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A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Spellbinding, Thrilling Novels

Don’t miss bunches of novels in almost every genre!

Love Romance? Check out Masquerade, which showcases a love triangle with a murderous twist set against the backdrop of a Broadway show.

Hockey fan? Shoot and score with Breakaway, about the first woman to play in the NHL–and not as a goalie.

Contemporary action/adventure/thrillers blow you away? Meet Nosizwe Samanya, the world’s first Trillionaire who must fight to stay alive and defend her international business empire. Or travel the U.S. with two fugitive Vagabond Samaritans in their double-decker luxury RV who avoid drawing any attention to themselves as they try to help others.

Fantasize about magical realms? Visit the theocradom of Rosenev in the Sorcery and Steel series and meet Paladin Kele and Mage Hana, twins who work together to figure out why powerful talismans are suddenly appearing—and wreaking havoc throughout the land.

Science Fiction send your spirit soaring among the stars? Find out why Alex is hiding on Earth in Azure Dragon. Voyage on Exploration as the ship the size of a small planet sails the cosmos, and its crew searches for saboteurs on board. Discover the millennia-spanning Tales of Mimion, from the earliest tribes of the nascent culture, to vast empires and queendoms, to the growing cooperation among the countries that leads to conquering the frontier of outer space. Or check out the time-travel tale Founding Mimion that spans all the eras. Get caught up in the spine-tingling Escapes of a group of mismatched Interstellar Exiles who are torn between helping each other—and killing each other. In Curai’Nal, see how a brand-new captain strives to gain the trust of her crew while figuring out who’s attacking a colony far from their homeworld and why.

Historicals capture your attention? The Last Abbot of Linn Duachaill tries to pit the Irish against the Norsemen, but these sailors aren’t Vikings but traders. Will Captain Mariel and her crew succeed, thus saving the family estate back home?

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Two New Short Stories — COMING IN MAY!

Dragons! Fae!

Two new stories of fantastical fiascos will debut next month.

In “Rainbow of Ruin” the Clansmembers normally respect the solitude of those who prefer to live apart. That changes when they abandon their isolation and inexplicably begin to attack the Clans’ nurseries. With eggs and hatchlings at risk, Sierra must discover what caused the sudden hostility and how to stop it.

The result is “Ill Met by Moonlight” when a human runs afoul of the fae. Despite all their magical power, the fae realize that mundane humans far outnumber them—and therefore pose a threat. The fae remain out of sight, preferring to operate in the shadows and move often. Sometimes, though, they skate perilously close to revealing themselves. In such cases, Elora and Maeve often find themselves forced to work together.

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Wonderous, Fantastical, Spectacular Covers!

Peruse all the lovely pictures!

Cover Gallery

Titles on the Bluetrix Books site are organized by author and by series, with each page including the cover with its gorgeous, glorious artwork or photography. The cover gallery collects them all into one easily browsable location. The gallery is organized roughly by genre (with each series’ covers kept together), and roughly chronologically (with new series at the top). Covers at the bottom of the page show other publishers’ books that include contributions by Bluetrix Books’ authors.

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Charity Anthology by the IAMTW

One month from today, the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers will release this spectacular anthology to benefit worldwide literacy.  It’s full of awesome stories by fantastic bestselling authors who’ve written about some of their all-time favorite characters.

Enjoy brand-new adventures of such diverse personages as Sherlock Holmes, Mina Harker, Sinbad, and Mulan—to name just a few!  Come along and share in all the fun, including an exciting tale by Rigel Ailur.




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January’s Project: A Magical Fantasy with the World at Stake

In Serulean Quest, the tribe has sundered into six.  Some of the branches lost contact; others waged war against each other.  Now a critical victory from the distant past, previously lost to the shadows of time, is about to come undone.  The six tribes must find the source of the impending disaster and figure out a way to prevent it.

Revisit the world of The Lure of Cats in this spellbinding adventure.

Coming Soon!

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2021: Upward and Onward!

With the November 2020 post being the retrospective, the December one is the look ahead to next year.

At this point, 2021 is one huge question mark full of potential.

Several series are clamoring to be started or continued, such as the futuristic science fiction Interstellar Exiles and the historical fantasy western San Martina.  Those in contemporary times include the Vagabonds’ Adventures$amanyaAKZ (focused on world-class karate masters who run a dojo), Centenarian Sleuths, and Alvarez (about a political dynasty).

In addition, it’s always great fun to revisit the Tales of Mimion and The Patel Family Chronicles, the latter of which is deserving of finally getting its own novel treatment which should be the origin story.

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2020 Recap

Yes, a month early, but December will look forward, not back.  So without further ado:

Publishing-wise, 2020 wasn’t a bad year.  Two novels and two short stories debuted:  Harbingers, book four of the Sorcery & Steel series; Escapes, book one of Interstellar Exiles; and two short entries in the young adult Jovian Saga, “Jupiter Jinx” in Brave New Girls, Tales of Girls Who Tech and Tinker and “Jupiter Justice” in Bad Ass Moms.


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Tales of Mimion

Fun and full of variety, this epic series includes action, time travel, adventure, gothic romance, mystery, space exploration, ancient tribes, and political intrigue.

Among the series’ twenty-five entries:

Tsanastasia suddenly finds herself responsible for an entire queendom besieged by a neighboring monarch who refuses to let anything stop her quest to expand her own realm.  Their local conflict threatens to engulf the entire planet.

Talian believes in maintaining the pristine wilderness covering nearly all Mimion.  Most Mimians do.  She also realizes they need their own space fleet and is pushing for the advances.  Others refuse to accept that it can be done without damaging their planet and are willing to kill to prevent progress.

Tann, unwilling to bow to her mother’s wishes, sets off to make her own fortune as a painter.  She seeks help and instead discovers a mystery of a blind man living in a ramshackle mansion, with no sign of the noble Tann hoped would be her patron.

Treus accepts a job as a diplomat, becoming among the first Mimians to accept an offworld job.  Keeping the peace among the contentious parties is hard enough.  Rescuing kidnapped crewmates and keeping from getting killed weren’t part of her original plan.

Telepathic but not telekinetic, Riann moves between the disparate worlds of the psychically powerful noble-born Royals and Aristocrats, and the common-born Mediators and Peasants who lack all psychic ability. A search for a missing gemstone turns into a fight not to die because of it.

Founding Mimion
Kuleigh often gets her cousin out of trouble.  Even so, the last thing she expects is needing to chase her through time in order to prevent the destruction of the entire history of their world.

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